Miodrag Kostić

CEO MK Group

Miodrag KostićMiodrag Kostić is the President of MK Group, the leading company in Serbia and the region, whose main activities are agriculture, sugar industry, meat production and processing, banking and tourism. Today, the system he is heading has more than 40 companies and employs 7,000 people.

Miodrag Kostić has built his vision and business success mostly through the business in the agrarian industry. Most of MK Group's operations today relate to agricultural production, industry and trade in agricultural products as well as to the sugar industry. There are 3 sugar companies within the system, more than 10 agricultural enterprises, trade and warehouse complexes that have been successfully restructured and consolidated into modern and highly profitable Serbian export oriented companies. Sunoko, one of the members of MK Group, is the largest domestic sugar producer and exporter in Serbia, while in Europe it has been positioned as one of the most efficient. The success in the agrarian industry is confirmed by the fact that MK Group for four years in a row is convincingly the biggest exporter of the Serbian agrarian sector. Along with its members, MK Group is responsible for even one third of the total export of our country. Besides the company Sunoko, today, part of MK Group is also Carnex from Vrbas, which exports its products to over 15 countries.

Nevertheless, during the 35 year long career, Miodrag Kostić constantly follows the trends in his desire to further develop the areas in which he possesses great knowledge and experience. As a result, he expanded his business in the field of tourism. MK Mountain Resort, which is owner of Grand Hotel & Spa **** on Kopaonik, is the leading hotel complex on the famous Serbian mountain. At the same time, by the establishment of Istrian Hotels d.o.o., Hotel Kempinski Palas in Portorož enters into the structure of MK Group, as well as the minority ownership of the Budvanska Rivijera Hotel Group in Montenegro. Also, a cooperation with the Sheraton Hotel chain was established and the hotel opened in Serbia in March 2018. The youngest member of this company is the luxury hotel complex "Skiper Resort" in Istria, which was part of the Istrian Hotels in 2017.

Miodrag Kostić is a versatile person and he proved his knowledge and abilities by participating in the work of the Management Boards of the largest and most successful banks in Serbia. He is willing to share his vision of business success and capabilities with the community in order to create the best business climate in Serbia, and he was guided by such principles as a member of numerous domestic and international business associations such as the AmCham, the British Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Serbian-Italian Business Council, and many others. He is a member of the business club "Privrednik", the Serbian Association of Managers, as well as the Management Board and the General Assembly of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and at the same time he is the President of the Assembly of the Association for building the Temple of St. Sava in Vračar.

Social responsibility is one of the most important elements of the business of the entire MK Group, but also the work of Miodrag Kostić in person, and serves as a guideline when making correct business decisions and undertaking appropriate actions. For more than thirty years, MK Group has achieved success thanks to continuous learning and improvement of its employees, as well as continuous assistance and realization of socially responsible projects in each of the 60 communities in which it operates. Support to young talents, but also those who need help most represent only one part of CSR projects that MK Group realizes. MK Group continuously assists SOS Children's Village in Kraljevo, and in 2013, Miodrag Kostić ceded his family house in Novi Sad for the permanent use of children with cancer and their parents, as the Endowment of Kostić family to the "Institute for the Health Care of Children and Children" Youth of Vojvodina".

Knowledge, expertise in the fields in which it operates but also constant improvement have led to numerous business honours awarded to Miodrag Kostić for 35 years of professional career. "Business Man of the Year", "The Most Successful Man of Vojvodina", "The Most Successful Businessman", "Best Manager of South East Europe 2011", then "Golden Dinar Emperor Dušan's Award – Company of the decade", "Belgrade Winner", "Business Partner of the Year" are only some of them presented to Miodrag Kostić. The company, headed by Miodrag Kostić, was proclaimed on several occasions as the most successful company in Serbia and the region.

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